Slot Car Racing

If you are looking for a game or many games that can satisfy your need for speed, you are sure to get them at 2player online and Slot Car Racing is one of them. Why do we introduce this option to you? Well, it’s simply because it has all features that you want to experience. For example 2 different game modes, 2 player modes, 4 levels of difficulty including Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme, easy controls, and so on. So, let’s talk about your main goal. It’s to be the first one who finishes every single lap in a race to win. As mentioned previously, you can choose to play Quick Race or Challenge mode.

The difference between the two game modes is that in Quick Race, all levels are available to enjoy while in the Challenge mode, you will start with the first race and win to unlock the next one. And you are free to choose a level of difficulty. When the light turns green the race will start. Do you see the lines on the track? You will move on one of two lines. And you will change between them when you go through the intersection of those two lines. Besides the Single mode, this game also offers a specific mode for you to race against your friend on the same device. Driving at high speed is not the only thing that helps you win.

The most important thing is to master speed. Remember you shouldn’t drive too fast around the corners. Slow down to pass the corners safely. Otherwise, you will come off the track and give your opponent a chance to pass you and leave you behind. In addition to this 2 player car games, you can find a lot of amazing options on our site. Drive Dead 3D and Pixel Kart are two of them.

Who developer game? Slot Car Racing was developed by Code This Lab srl.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses Alt to drive and Player 2 uses Ctrl to drive.