Extreme Hand Slap

Extreme Hand Slap is an insanely interesting game with simple gameplay and easy controls. Here at 2playergame online, your ultimate goal is to earn 10 points first to win the hand-slapping battle. This is another game for 2 players. So, to enjoy the excitement that the game offers, you should enjoy it with your friend. Each of you controls a character. You should time your act to slap your opponent’s hand before he pulls his hand back. With each successful slap, you get 1 point. If you pull your hand back three times in a row before the opponent does anything, your hand will be locked and of course, it’s a great chance for your opponent to get 1 point free.

When your opponent is about to attack, you also have to time your action to pull your hand back to avoid being slapped. It’s all about your reflexes. When you miss a slap, your opponent can slap back. This game sounds super easy, doesn’t it? Even though the gameplay is simple, it can keep you hooked for hours.

This 2 player action games also has easy control. You need to press only one key to control your character. There is no limitation here. And this game doesn’t offer any upgrades as well. Depending on your reflexes and luck, you can win or lose the battle. Slap your opponent’s hand until it gets red. Don’t let your opponent have a chance to attack you. Keep your hand safe from him at all costs. Have a great gaming time here and don’t forget that new games are added each day. Visit us to check out the latest additions and take your time to explore the available games such as Rock Paper Scissors and RPS Exclusive.

Who developer game? Extreme Hand Slap was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

W and Up arrow key and with touch controls.