Pro League Soccer

Pro League Soccer is one of the latest soccer games that you can play for free at 2 player online games. Here, there are two amazing game modes with 2 different options waiting for you to check out. You can take part in a soccer tournament or friendly match alone or with your friends. Yes, you can play against AI or your friends on the same device.

Like other soccer games at 2 player sports games, your main objective is to defend your goal as well as try your best to score as many goals as possible. After 90 seconds, the player who has more scores will be the winner. In tournament mode, you will have to pass each round until you reach the final round. In the final round, you must win to get the prestigious gold trophy. You can play tournament mode in hard mode or easy mode. If you lose in the qualifiers, quarterfinals, or semi-finals, you will stop the game and start over.

Here at, you have a special shot. When it’s ready to use, take advantage of it and your rival can’t block it by any means. Of course, your rival can also use that shot. The opportunity is for both teams; therefore, don’t miss any chance to score when you have any chance. Explore all modes and options that the game offers. Don’t miss any of them. Otherwise, you will miss something really awesome. Have a great gaming experience here and check out other cool games such as Football Strike: Online Soccer and 1 vs 1 Soccer.

Who developer game? Pro League Soccer was developed by D. Stevenson.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Uses arrow keys to move, Z for the super shot, and X to shoot.

Player 2: Uses WASD to move, K for the super shot, and L to shoot.