Pet Trainer Duel

Humans exercise and eat healthy for a healthy weight and healthy life. And pets need to do the same thing. Here in Pet Trainer Duel at 2player games for kids, you are a pet trainer and you are famous for taking care of cats. Nowadays, cats gain weight easily and that affects their lives. Your main objective is to help obese cats lose weight and stay healthy. Owners of obese cats cannot get their pets to exercise and they come to you. Those cats need to spend time jogging and drink a lot of water.

You need to lead them to do the right thing. Walking ahead and moving toward water bottles and all types of exercise machines. And stay away from unhealthy food. By doing exercise and drinking water, obese cats will lose weight little by little. If not, they can’t pass the obstacle and it means that you fail. Look at a bar above the cat, it shows the cat’s state of health. There are 4 levels Obese, Fat, Normal, and Thin.

Here at, when the cat is on the normal or thin level, you are successful and you can move to the next level. At each level, you welcome a new obese cat. Besides Solo mode for 1 player, you also can compete against your friend on the same computer for the title of the best pet trainer in the town. When you start this mode, the screen will be split into 2 parts and you guys can start competing. You won’t have time to rest because there are so many obese cats that need help. Have a happy working day and help as many cats as you can. After that, Hex A Mong and Frog Fights With Buddies. should be the next games that you play.

Who developer game? Pet Trainer Duel was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

AD or left/right arrow keys.