Real Chess Online

You don’t need to buy a chess set and a friend to play chess because Real Chess Online is here at This game will bring you a realistic chess-playing experience. Here, you can play against AI or one of your friends on the same device. In 1-player mode, you can choose a difficulty level from 10 options. For 2 Players you can set the time per move, increments, and total time per player.

Before starting a match, you can name yourself, and choose one from three color options, two variants of the board, three styles of the board, and two variants of pieces. The chess pieces are already arranged. And you guys take turns moving your pieces. Don’t worry if you haven’t played chess before. Click or tap on each piece and the game will show you the movement of each piece. In that way, you will remember how the chess pieces move.

Your main objective in this two player games is to capture your opponent’s king in checkmate. Take your time to observe and make a move. Once you move a chess piece, you can’t go back. That’s why you need to be careful. All the games on our site are fun to play but puzzle games or strategy games like this one not only keep you entertained but also help you improve your skills.

Playing chess has a lot of benefits such as helping you realize the consequence of your actions, helping you focus, helping to develop creativity, building confidence, developing problem-solving skills, exercising both sides of the brain, helping you learn how to be calm under pressure, improve memory and so on. Then, why don’t you spend your free time playing chess? Enjoy it and other games such as Checkers - Strategy Board and Tic Tac Toe Glow.

Who developer game? Real Chess Online was developed by AlienWebGames.

Instruction to play:

Tap to move on chess board. You can have either one player or two player. In 1 Player, you can change the level of difficulty. For 2 Players, you can set the time per move, the increments, and the total time per player.