Stickman Huggy Escape

Whenever you want to play a fun game or many cool games with your friend, you can find a lot of options at 2 player action games – a dreamland of games for 2 players, and Stickman Huggy Escape is one of them. Here in this platformer-adventure game, you will meet red Huggy and blue Huggy who are trapped in jail. They are finding a way to get out of there but they fail. That’s why you are here. With your help hands, they will escape safely. To clear a level, each character has to find their own key and go to the door that has the same color as them.

Blue Huggy has to pick up a blue key to open a blue door and Red Huggy has to pick up a red key to open a red door. They don’t need to reach their own door at the same time but they should walk close to each other. It means this game is playable by one player. You can control both of them with their own set of keys. However, if one of them dies, the other will die too. As a result, restarting that level is a must-do. While running and jumping around the find the key, try your best to avoid poison pools, deadly traps, and obstacles to keep their lives safe.

Like other 2playergame online games, the difficulty of this one also increases slightly over time. You can’t guess what is waiting for Huggy brothers ahead. However, with your help, nothing can stop them from freeing themselves. Break a leg and enjoy your spare time in other 2player adventure games fun options such as Stickman vs Noob Hammer and Drac & Franc. New additions are coming.

Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Red Huggy uses arrow keys and Blue Huggy uses WASD.