Red and Green Christmas

Red and Green Christmas is the next episode of the popular Red and Green series that you can play for free at hot 2 player game. The red and green guys are back and they are waiting for you to join them in a new adventure. Here, all you need to do is to help them collect diamonds and run straight to the portal and leave. The portal will lead them to the exit.

You can play this game with your friend. One player controls a character or you can control both characters. Two characters don’t need to move and reach the portal at the same time. If you play alone, just control one character at a time. Watch out for deadly obstacles. If one of two characters dies, the game will end. There is no second chance for you to correct the mistake, except for restarting that level. Don’t worry. You won’t be back to the first level when you fail at any level like in some games at You will play the current level once again.

The challenging level increases as you advance. The red and green characters will face a lot of obstacles in the later levels. The only way to deal with those obstacles is to jump over them. Make sure you collect every single diamond on the way. The red character collects the red diamonds and the green character picks up the green ones.

What do you think about this adventure? Is it fun? Is it challenging? If you have played several adventure and platformer games, then this option is not too hard for you to conquer for sure. Have a great time here and in other choices such as Red and Green Pumpkin and Hug and Kis Station Escape.

Who developer game? Red and Green Christmas was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

WASD and arrow keys. Double Jump available. Mobile Touch Control.