War Of Tanks Paper Note

War Of Tanks: Paper Note is a competitive shooting games in 2PlayerGames.Games that you may play with a friend or alone by selecting "1 Player" or "2 Player." There are three possible levels that will emerge at random under the "1 Player" option. In each level, you must destroy five targets. When you destroy a target, the lasers will activate, allowing you to go on to the next target. If you touch the laser without killing the target, your tank will explode and you will have to restart from the beginning. On the map, you can see the destinations as well as the end point.

There are a total of 20 levels in the "2 player" option. You are free to play as many games as you want and compete against a friend in random levels. Use the goodies discovered in all levels to increase the pleasure even more. Have a good time!

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Instruction to play:


PLAYER 2 Purple Tank: Move: WASD Fire: SPACE.

Green Tank: Move: ARROW KEYS Fire: M.