Pixel Kart

Pixel Kart is the last racing game at free online 2 player games. It’s a retro-kart racing game for 2 players. It means it’s not fun if you this game alone. To have more fun, you should play it with your friend and you guys will race against each other on the same device. Each one controls a kart. Your main objective is to cross the finish line first. There are five laps in a race and let’s see who is the first one to finish 5 laps. At first, it seems to be simple and easy. However, it’s more challenging than you thought. Why? Because its controls are quite confusing.

You control your kart with 2 keys on the keyboard. Your kart auto-moves forward and you just need to change its moving direction. Try your best your keep your kart safe from obstacles on the way. It’s fine if you crash into them. However, your opponent may take advantage of that accident to pass you and leave you behind. So, it’s better to drive your kart carefully.

Here at 2 player car games, don’t stay focused on the opponent’s kart. Always keep an eye on your kart to make sure it goes the right way and dodges every single obstacle. Don’t give up if you lose in the first or second lap because you can turn the tile by driving your car more professionally. And if your opponent causes an accident, make use of that to overcome him. That’s all about this fun game. What more are you looking for? Let the race start now. Besides, don’t forget that many games are waiting for you here. Desert City Stunt and Monster Truck Extreme Racing are two of the best options that you should try. Have fun!

Who developer game? Pixel Kart was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Left/right arrow keys and A/D.