Blob Tank Wars

Fire blob balls to blow up your opponent’s tank before your tank is destroyed. Getting 5 points to win is what you want to do in Blob Tank Wars. Are you ready to become the winner? Start an epic match in which you can compete against the CPU or your friend on the same device. Your tank is on the left side of the screen and the opponent’s tank is on the right side. There are some obstacles between you guys and you can’t destroy those things with blob balls. When the blob balls touch those obstacles, they will bounce off and if they can’t reach the target, they will disappear.

Each time you shoot at your opponent successfully, you get 1 point and the one who scores 5 points first is the winner. It’s not a turn-based tank battle. Instead of waiting for your opponent to attack, you should shoot at your opponent non-stop until his tank is destroyed. Sometimes, you will see some items appear between you guys. Shoot the blob balls at them to collect them. They give you a lot of advantages such as increasing the number of the blob balls that your tank shoots or increasing the size of the blob balls.

Of course, like other fun games at two player games online, the effect of those special items will disappear after a few seconds. Try your best to make as many well-directed shots as possible. The game will become more competitive when you play it with your friend and of course, your gaming experience will be better as well. If you want to play more 2playergames shooting games as cool as this one, here are some options for you Tank Mayhem and Tank Pixel.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: AD and Player 2: left/right arrow keys.