Tank Mayhem

The fight of the tanks has begun. Are you ready for it? Unluckily, you are trapped in a maze with your enemy. You may be killed by your enemy before you can find the way out. The only way to survive is to fight back. That’s why you are here in Tank Mayhem. Before starting a battle, you can set the scores that one of two players must get to become the winner. It can be something between 1 and 99. And you can play against the CPU or compete against your friend on the same computer.

In this 2player tank shooter games, you can approach your enemy closely and shoot directly at him or you can aim and shoot at the walls of the maze, then the bullet will bounce off the wall and maybe your enemy will get shot if you aim accurately. This game offers 7 power-ups to help you defeat your enemy such as a shield to protect you, a laser gun to destroy everything in a blink, and so on. However, they aren’t available to use. They appear on the map and you can collect them. These items have a very short lifespan. So, it’s better to take advantage of them before their effects are gone. Each time you shoot your enemy, you get 1 point.

At first, you may get confused when you control your tank to move around the maze but don’t give up if your tank isn’t under the control. The more you play, the better you become to navigate your tank to kill enemies. More games about tanks are waiting for you at two player games unblocked. Browse through our game collection or search by name or start with the following options Tank Pixel and Tank Struggle.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Blue Tank uses WASD to move and V to fire.

Red Tank uses arrow keys to move and M to fire.