DinoZ City

Dinosaurs are injected with a strange virus. They are now flooding into the city and capturing scientists under someone’s order. Policemen have difficulty with the city-protecting mission. They have trouble and they need your help. In DinoZ City, you and your friend will be the one who rescues scientists and help the policemen to bring peace to this city. Of course, you can do this mission alone in Single-player game mode. There are 16 levels and each level requires you to save a certain number of scientists. However, you don’t have to kill every single dinosaur. After all scientists are safe, you can run toward the car and move to the next area for another mission. Break a leg and test your shooting skills in other 2playergames shooting games such as Dinosaur Survival Simulator.

With a gun in your hands, you can shoot at the loot boxes to collect weapons and med-kits. If you own a lot of weapons, you can switch among them whenever you want. You can even upgrade your gun with dinosaur eggs that you have collected in each level. Besides, there is another way to upgrade your weapon. It’s to collect the gold medal.

Of course, just like other level-based games at two player games online, it becomes harder and harder to rescue hostages over time. More dinosaurs will appear and they even get stronger. They can smell you and run toward you to kill you. If you react slowly, you will get damaged. If you run out of three hearts that the game offers, you have to restart that level. That’s why shooting at loot boxes to collect med-kits and weapons is important. Watch out for the deadly traps as well.

Which game is similar to this shooting game?

Gun Mayhem 2

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Who developer game?

RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses AD to move, F to shoot, H for bombs, G to jump, and Q to switch weapons.

Player 2 uses left/right arrow keys to move, L to shoot, J for bombs, K to jump, and U to switch weapons.