Tank Pixel

Tank Pixel is a simple but addicting tank-shooting game for 2 players. To fully enjoy this exciting game, you should enjoy it with your friend. Here at two player games online, each of you controls a tank and competes with each other. The controls are quite confusing at first. Your tank will move automatically. You can only control which way it goes. You will see it spin around on the map. And you can direct it to move the way you want.

To shoot, you just need to hold your mouse or finger until 3 tiny dots appear, then you release your mouse or finger. The bullet can bounce off the platform several times before it explodes. Each time you shoot at your rival, you get 1 point. You can be shot by yourself and by your rival. Then, when you attack the target or get attacked, try to move out of the area and go to a safe place until the bullet explodes.

In this 2 player shooting games, the player getting 5 points first is the winner. The map will change several times during the battle. Also, there is no power-up to collect and nothing to buy. Your only mission is to defeat your friend and your only objective is to win the game. Plan your move wisely and make sure you combine well between attack and defense. Pay attention to your rival’s movement and watch out for the bullets coming out from your tank and your opponent’s tank.

This game is so simple but addicting, isn’t it? It’s more interesting when you combat your friend on the same device. If you want to find other cool games for two players, you should know that tons of different options are available on our site. Here are our suggestions for you Tank Struggle and Tank War Ice Age.

Who developer game? Tank Pixel was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

On desktop: Player 1: "W" Player 2: "UP ARROW".

On Mobile: Use touch controls on your side of the screen.