Gun of Janissary

Two janissaries have battled for a long time but the winner hasn’t been found. The conflict between them continues in the latest episode of the Janissary series called Gun of Janissary. They have used several weapons to try to kill each other. This time, they use guns. Like other games of the series as Arrow of Janissary at 2playergame unblocked, this game offers 2 game modes including 1-player and 2-player game modes. 

In 1-player game mode, your opponent is a target. You have to shoot at that target as many times as possible within a given time. The target will move up and down non-stop and so do you. It won’t stay still waiting for you to shoot. It’s hard to aim and shoot. Besides, the wind also affects your shot. You don’t have much time to aim. So, shoot as many times as possible while making use of the power-ups that will appear on the map. These items can help you freeze the target, triple your shot, increase the size of bullets, and so on. 

In 2-player mode, you will compete against your friend on the same device. The one who gets 5 points first is the winner. Here, you can also take advantage of those power-ups. However, you have to shoot at them to activate them. As you can see when you shoot at the trees or walls, the bullet will bounce off. It means you don’t have to aim at the target and shoot directly. You can also hit your opponent non-directly. Let’s see who plays better and wait for another battle between two janissaries in more games. Have fun and enjoy other 2playergames shooter games such as Gun Mayhem 2.

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Who developer game?

RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Left click.