Death Race Monster Arena

Death Race Monster Arena is ready to be explored at 2 player. Are you one of the best drivers who can conquer all challenges of this amazing racing game? No matter who you are, a newbie or an experienced driver, start a game and challenge yourself with 4 cool game modes here including Derby, Free Drive, Racing, and Challenge. Each mode will bring you an exciting experience. You have a different target to chase in each game mode. In Derby game mode, you have 2 minutes to defeat all your opponents to win and conquer all the stages there. All you need to do to make your opponents explode is to drive fastly straight to them and hit them at high speed. On the battlefield, you can pick up some boosters that help you a lot in your journey to victory.

In this, each time you defeat an opponent, you will get stronger. Directly hitting your target can make it get damaged. Besides, you can also hit your opponent to make him crash into the giant rounded saw. In Free Racing mode, you also have missions to clear but you can do those missions without a given time. In Racing mode, you will race against some racers. You need to get top 1 to win the current race and move to the next one. Finally, in the Challenging mode, there is a bomb on your monster truck. You have to drive as fast as you can to the finish line before time on the bomb runs out. You can play alone or with your friend in all 4 game modes.

With each win, you get coins and you can use coins to purchase new monster trucks in the store. Have a great gaming time here and in other cool games such as Nitro Tuk Tuk and Mega City Stunts.

Who developer game? Death Race Monster Arena was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Move: "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW KEYS", NOS: "SHIFT", Change camera: "C", Look back: "T", Rolling Back: "R".

Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS", NOS: "M", Change camera: "O", Look back: "L", Rolling Back: "U".