Mega City Stunts

Mega City Stunts is finally available at two player online games. Are you excited? If you are looking for a great racing game that features awesome gameplay, a garage filled with hot sports cars, several game modes, and more, then you shouldn’t miss this one. This game consists of stunt challenges and races in which you can play alone or play with your friend on the same computer. Whatever game mode you play, your main objective is to become the first racer who finishes the race.

By completing the race in the first place, you can move to the next level. As mentioned previously, this game consists of 3 game modes: Racing, Free Drive, and Quest game mode. Let’s discover each mode right now. The Racing mode includes 8 races. If you play alone here, you can earn money while racing to the first rank. If you play with your friend, your target is first place.

With the Free Drive mode of this 2player car games. you are free to drive around the city. It’s boring if you just drive around. To make this mode more enjoyable, you can collect money stacks scattered around the map, do amazing stunts in the stunt arena or drive on a busy road. So, what about the Quest game mode? Is there anything fun? Of course, In the Quest mode, you have 6 stunt missions to finish.

After completing each mission, you will get a reward. Besides, after you clear all those missions, feel free to drive around the city without traffic at high speed. What more are you looking for? Start the game now and enjoy the exciting moments there. Make sure you check out other cool games on our site such as Mega City Racing and Mega City Missions.

Who developer game? Mega City Stunts was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: uses WASD to move, F for nitro, T to look back, R to respawn, Space to brake,

Player 2: uses arrow keys to move, K for nitro, O to respawn, L to look back, and right Shift to brake.