Furious Drift

Furious Drift is a fascinating racing and drifting game which you can enjoy online on 2player games. Hop on your amazing car and step on the gas pedal to complete every race using your handbrake to perform the most incredible drifts. 

The more you drift, the more money you will earn to purchase new better cars, so do your best and avoid hitting the walls or you will lose all your generating drift points. Try to drift for as long as possible te keep increasing and multiplying your score. Enjoy the speed and master the laws of physics playing Furious Drift!

Besides, everyone can play this game because it’s not hard to control at all. If you want to try something new after spending time on this game, you can switch to other choices such as Cop Driver Simulator and Kart Rush 


Instruction to play:

 Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake