Drunken Boxing 2

With ragdoll physics, easy-to-learn control mechanics, and 3D effects and animations, Drunken Boxing 2 at 2playergames.games promises to bring you more intense and enjoyable matches compared to the first episode. You will find that thing soon. Get ready and roll your sleeves because the match is about to start.

In this exciting boxing game, your main objective is to win at least 3 out of 5 matches. You do it by throwing quick punches at your opponent’s face. Of course, you and your opponent can’t dodge and defend yourself. If you get punched, you lose some HPs. When your HPs run out, you lose. However, you can’t punch your opponent all the time because you need the energy to do it. You will lose energy after each punch. So, watch out for your energy bar. If your energy bar runs out, you get stunts and your opponent will take that chance to beat you. Besides, it takes a while for the energy to recover.

This exciting twoplayergames offers 2 game modes. One is a 1-player and the other is a 2-player. In 1-player mode, your rival is CPU and in 2-player mode, you can battle against one of your friends on the same device. It would be more amazing to compete against a real player, right? It could be a no-win match. Remember that energy can be recovered but HP can’t. That’s why you should take any chance to beat your opponent before he gets a chance to defeat you.

What do you think about the second installment? It’s much more enjoyable, isn’t it? You can play the first and the second episode on our site. Enjoy your free time here and in other fun games such as Drunken Spin Punch and Red and Green 6 Color Rain.

Who developer game? Drunken Boxing 2 was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses arrow keys and player 2 uses WASD.