Sword Of Janissary

The Janissary series continues with the latest game called Sword Of Janissary. Of course, this episode doesn’t link to the others. So, you don’t have to play all the available Janissary games of the series at 2playergame unblocked to enjoy this one. This game can’t be enjoyed by 1 player. It should be played by 2 players. Each player controls a janissary.

In the intense battle between 2 janissaries, you have to help your character defeat his rival. You do it by throwing your sword at the target. Like the Castel Wars Middle Ages game, scoring 5 points first and you will be the winner. Its gameplay and control mechanics are simple and easy. However, you may need time to master it. Each time you throw the sword, you can pick up the sword and keep throwing it. You can pick up your sword or your enemy’s sword.

Your character will auto-move from the left to the right and from the right to the left of the screen. He can jump to a higher platform to avoid being attacked. The key to winning a point is to time your action. Your character should approach close to the rival and throw the sword at the right angle. You can’t adjust the angle but you can choose the angle to throw the weapon, but you should be fast. Otherwise, you will miss the right moment to attack. The closer you approach your target, the easier to attack him.

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Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

P1 Up and P2 W key. The player who reaches the five scores first, wins the game.