Red and Green 6 Color Rain

Red and Green series is a popular adventure series and now, the sixth episode of this series is available at 2 player games. Get ready for a new adventure with the green and red guys. They want you to help them pass all obstacles, collect every single diamond and reach the door to escape.

Do you have what it takes to clear this mission? Yes, you do for sure. As you know, this is a game for 2 players. It means you can play it with one of your friends on the same device but you can play the game alone as well. Two characters don’t need to move at the same time. You can control one character at a time. The mission is clear when both green and red character reaches the door. The game ends when one of them dies because of traps. That’s why you should be careful whenever you make a move. It’s such a pity of both characters come close to the door but one of them loses their life.

Here at, the gameplay and control mechanics of every episode in this series is quite the same but you have to do a different thing to reach the final goal. Like other level-based games, the challenge level of this option increases from level 1 to the final level. More deadly traps and obstacles will be there to stop green and red guys. Their lives depend on you. The game doesn’t require you to finish each level within a certain time; therefore, take your time to finish each mission.

Have a nice time here and don’t forget that we have so many games for you to explore and more options are coming. Stay tuned and enjoy the following options: Red and Green Christmas and Red and Green Pumpkin.

Who developer game? Red and Green 6 Color Rain was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

Red control WASD and Green control Arrow keys. Mobile Touch.