Roshambo is also called Rock, Scissors, or Paper – an old hand game that is insanely easy and entertaining. When you want to kill time or you guys can’t agree on something, you can easily make a decision with this simple game. Now, this game is brought to two player games online in which you can play against CPU or your friend on the same device. The rule is simple and the gameplay is also simple. You may wonder why you play this game when you can easily play it with your hand. Well, because if you can’t find anyone to play with you in real life, you can come here to combat against CPU. Besides, even if you have someone to play with in real life, fairness is not guaranteed because there may be people acting first and people acting later.

Here, you guys choose one from 3 options, then what you guys choose will be revealed at the same time. Fairness is guaranteed. Here, Rock wins over Scissors and loses to Paper, Paper wins over Rock but loses to Scissors, and Scissors win over Paper but loses to Rock. Your winning doesn’t depend on your skills but on your luck. You can't guess exactly what your opponent chooses but try your best to read him. Here, the player who wins 3 times is the winner. If you and your opponents choose the same gesture, it’s called a draw. That’s all about the rules and gameplay. Every player of all ages can play it without any trouble, even kids. Enjoy it and after that, you can test your skills and deal with new challenges in other 2 player action games such as Rock Paper Scissors and RPS Exclusive.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses ASD.

Player 2 uses JKL or mouse.