Mega City Missions

Mega City Missions is the latest driving and racing game at 2player games for kids that offers 2 exciting game modes that you can play alone or play with one of your friends on the same device. They are Free Driving Career mode and Racing mode. In Free Driving and Career mode, you are free to drive around and conquer all obstacles there. Besides, you also have 16 different missions to conquer to earn GPs.

Some missions take place in the stunt arena, some are inside the city and other ones are transportation missions, racing missions, bomb detonation missions, and so on. GPs that you earn when you finish each mission are used to unlock new cars and rims. However, if you play this mode in single-player mode, you can explore these missions but if you play it in 2-player mode, you only can drive freely around.

Next, we have the Racing mode at two player car games. Here, there are 5 races in total and you have to be the first race to cross the finish line in the current level to unlock the next one. You race against the other 3 racers and each race has 4 laps. This mode also offers a 1-player mode and 2-player mode. In the 2-player mode, you will compete against your friend instead of 3 racers in the single mode. Besides 2 amazing game modes with single-player and 2-player options, you also can unlock 6 cars in the garage beside your existing one and each car has its own strengths. You can customize the pain and wheels of the care.

What more are you looking for? Get ready and race your way to the finish line. Enjoy it and other cool games such as Mega City Stunts and Mega City Racing.

Who developer game? Mega City Missions was developed by RHM Interactive. 

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Uses WASD to move, R to restart and T to look back.

Player 2: Uses arrow keys to move, O to restart and L to look back.