Cyber Cars Punk Racing

Cyber Cars Punk Racing is a driving and racing game that you have been looking for all this time at It has almost everything that you may want. For example, several game modes, easy controls, a garage filled with cars, a 2-player game mode, and more. There are 5 main game modes including Career, Free Driving, Battle Arena, Hot Chase, and 2-player mode.

Every single mode is worth your time. With the modes that offer several levels, you have to reach the objective of the current level to move to the next one and you receive stars based on your competition degree and the amount of money that you get depends on the time you complete the race.

Let’s go deeper into each main game mode of this 2playergame. Career has 5 modes including Racing, Stunt, Against Time, Check Point, and Fly Parkour. And in each mode, you have a different goal to reach. In Free Driving, you have 3 minutes to explore the world of the game. In the Hot Chase mode, your main objective is not to be caught by the cops. HP decreases when colliding with cops. When HP runs out, the game ends. You will run away from 10 angry cops in total. By the way, you have to watch out for airborne attacks.

In the Battle Arena mode, 8 racers join a race. Pay attention to the contact timer. You have to shoot an enemy before time runs out. You will earn 20 HP for destroying each enemy. When the battle is over, you will get a ranking reward if you rank in the top 3. All abilities are valid for 20 seconds. And you also can race against your friend on the same computer in 2-player mode. Let’s race your way to win over your opponents. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Cyber Racer Battles and Monster Cars: Ultimate Simulator.

Who developer game? Cyber Cars Punk Racing was developed by AYN Games.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Uses arrow keys to move, N for nitro, and C for camera view.

Player 2: Uses WASD to move, and T for nitro.