Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Welcome you to Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers – an amazing two-buttons boxing game for 2 players at 2 player games. Yes, you can compete against your friend on the same device in 2-player mode to find out who is the best wrestler, or you can fight against CPU in 1-player mode. Whatever game mode you choose, your main goal is to knock out your opponent. The player who wins 5 matches is the winner. A match ends when one of two players runs out of HP.

To win, you should throw punches non-stop at your opponent. Don’t stop, even for one second because one second is enough for your opponent to beat you. Under your HP bar is a bar of the special hit. When that bar is filled, you can use a special hit to knock out your opponent even faster. Be careful because your opponent also makes use of that special attack. Victory goes to the faster one. If there is any chance that you can punch him and make him fall off the stage, grab that chance at all costs. That even helps you defeat your opponent faster, even if your opponent has a full HP far.

Here at, each match takes part in a different background. You may fight against your opponent on the top of a truck, on the beach, and so on. Make sure you don’t pay too much attention to the beautiful scenery. Instead, stay focused on your punches and your opponent. Don’t let anything make you distracted, ok? Break a leg and enjoy your free time here. By the way, you also will have a great gaming time in other games such as Get On Top Touch and Super Heads Carnival.

Who developer game? Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: uses WS to move forward/backward, AD to punch, and E for a special hit.

Player 2: uses up/down arrow keys to move forward/backward, left/right arrow keys to punch, and right Shift for a special hit.