Cyber Racer Battles

Cyber Racer Battles promise to bring you unforgettable moments full of battles and races. It’s an action-packed cyber racing game that offers 3 different game modes for 2 players at including Race, Missions, and Free Roam. In the Race and Free Roam modes, you can play alone or play with your friend on the same device.

In Free Roam mode, you freely roam around the map but you still have missions to clear. In Race mode, you have 6 different maps to explore. Complete each race with the top rank and you will get rewarded with coins. You have to finish the current map to unlock the next one. Win the first place to earn coins and with coins, you can buy new hovers in the shop. Each hover has a different speed, acceleration, handling, and shield feature. However, the more expensive the hover, the better it is. Mission mode offers 12 maps as 12 missions. In each map, you have to clear a mission.

This 2player game online is not simply about racing. It's also about battling. That’s why you have to buy new weapons as well. Some weapons like machine guns, laser guns, or homing missiles are needed to fight back your enemies. Get ready to explore the 3D environment with your futuristic hovercraft. You will find it hard to navigate your hover at first but after a few minutes, you will get used to the gameplay and control mechanics and master it well. If you want to check out other games as enjoyable as this one, here are some options for you Mega City Racing and Monster Cars: Ultimate Simulator.

Who developer game? Cyber Racer Battles was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Uses WASD to move, F to shoot missiles, G to shoot, and R to fix the hover position.

Player 2: Uses arrow keys to move, O to shoot missiles, P to shoot, and L to fix the hover position.