Stickjet Challenge

Stickjet Challenge is an online game on 2player for free. This is a cool one button skill game for those who think they have what it takes to make it in the world of free stickman online platform games. In the game, you as a stickman, avoid the obstacles on the way and collect all the stars you find in order to complete the game like a king. 

The little stickman will just run forwards on a field packed with deadly traps, so your goal is to us his jetpack to make him fly from platform to platform avoiding all red objects. So, whether it’s a trap or just the ceiling, avoid touching the color red and you will be fine. Stickjet Challenge has many different levels, you can unleash your discoveries.

We are also constantly updating the latest games for players around the world to join when there is free time. Are you ready to start a new job in this game? In addition, we also introduce players to other similar games like Fleeing the Complex and Infiltrating the Airship at 2player action games. You will love your special world today. 

Instruction to play:

Mouse click