2 Player Imposter Soccer

What can be created when you combine Soccer and Imposter? You get 2 Player Imposter Soccer. It’s a fun soccer games for 2 players that you can play for free at 2 Player Games. You have cleared all missions in the spaceship and it’s time for rest. Playing football is a good idea.

Here, you can play against AI in 1-player mode or compete against your friend on the same device in 2-player mode. Whatever mode you choose, your main objective is to get as many scores as possible. A soccer match is 60 seconds. After 1 minute, the player who has more scores is the winner. The key is to head the ball into the opposing team’s goal. You rarely kick the ball to score. You have to attack and defend at the same time. Try to come close to the opposing team’s goal to score and protect your goal from your opponent.

Here at 2player sports games, you control your character to jump, move forward, and backward. Don’t give your opponent any chances to score. Try to block him at all costs and don’t stay still. You have to move with the ball. When you win, you will get coins as a reward. With coins, you can unlock new skins for your player and ball in the store. Of course, these skins have nothing special stats to help you win the match but they look great and make the gaming experience refresh.

Do you like it? Even if you aren’t good at soccer, you can enjoy this game. If you want to enjoy more fun games like this one, here are some options for you Champion Soccer and Soccer Ball.

Who developer game? 2 Player Imposter Soccer was developed by Hihoy.

Instruction to play:

Player 1; Jump: "Up Arrow Left: "Left Arrow" Right: "Right Arrow" Kick: "P" or "Down Arrow"

Player 2; Jump: "W" Left: "A" Right:"D" Kick:"S"