Steve vs Alex Jailbreak

Steve and Alex are here in another adventure games that may keep you hooked. This time, they are in trouble. They find themselves imprisoned and they have a chance to escape from there. However, they need your help. What you need to do here is to lead them to find the golden keys to open the gate and escape safely. Work together and find your way to the waiting truck. The gate is only opened when you get two golden keys. Find those keys in every corner of the prison and don’t forget to collect coins on the way, even though coins in this game aren’t used for anything, and open the chest to get something inside as well. Don’t pay too much attention to coins because you may put you at risk.

This is an enjoyable game for 2 players like other options at two player games online. You can enjoy it with your friend or control both Steve and Alex by yourself. They don’t have to walk together but they need to reach the gate together in order to get out of the jail. At first, there is nothing challenging. It seems that nothing can stop Steve and Alex to escape and nothing dangerous threatens the lives of the 2 main characters. However, later on, Steve and Alex will face many creatures living in the prison. They can’t kill those creatures.

The only way to keep their lives safe is to jump over enemies and any deadly traps out there. It’s not easy to collect the keys and escape anymore. However, nothing is impossible. By working together, with a little bit of luck and wariness, they will succeed. Have fun! And enjoy more 2player action games such as Stickman Huggy Escape and Stickman vs Noob Hammer.

Who developer game? FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

WASD and arrow keys.

*Double Jump available *Mobile Touch Control.