Money Movers 3

Money Movers 3 is an exciting adventure game with puzzle elements. It’s the third episode of the popular Money Movers series. As you may know, in the previous sequels, you will help 2 brothers escape from jail. This time, everything has changed. You change sites and now, you play as a guard who will stop prisoners from escaping. Your teammate is a well-trained dog. To complete a level, you have to collect all the money bags and lock the prison.

You can enter the narrow places or tunnels while the dog can scare the prison. The prisoner can only be captured when you have the help of the dog. If you approach the prison without the dog, you will be beaten and the game is over. The dog should approach the target before you. When the prison gets scared by your dog, you can come close to him and lock him with a handcuff. It seems to be easy, doesn’t it?

But actually, the prison is a dangerous place. It’s filled with security cameras, laser detectors, deadly traps, and so many other objects like you may have faced in other games of the series at You have to watch out for your move. You can your dog have to work together to go through all obstacles and reach the final target. Make sure you collect money bags because they are used to unlock new levels. With 20 levels and 1 bonus stage, the game will keep you hooked for a long time. You can switch between two characters or team up with your friend and do the mission together. Good luck and here are some awesome 2playergames action games that you shouldn’t miss: Money Movers 2.

Who developer game?

Synk Inc developed this game.

Which games are similar to this game?

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Instruction to play:

WASD and arrow keys.