Arrow of Janissary

Arrow of Janissary is the latest game about archery. Here at two player games unblocked, you will help a cute Janissary to shoot down his rival. Your character stands still on the left side of the screen and your opponent is on the right side. It’s not a turn-based battle; therefore, you can shoot arrows non-stop at your opponent. You get 1 point for a successful shot. If you get 5 points first, you will be the winner. Otherwise, you are a loser.

This game doesn’t require you to reach that goal within a given time. However, you should try to reach it as fast as you can. Your bow and arrow auto-move up and down. You tap or click and hold it to get ready for the shot, and just release your hand when the arrow is at the right angle. Remember that wind affects the shot. Watch out for the wind.

At 2 player shooting games, you can find a lot of games for 2 players and each game is definitely worth your time. So, does this option. You can enjoy it alone or compete against your friend on the same CPU. Both are fun. During the battle, you will see some items appearing between you and your opponent. These are power-ups. Those items will help you defeat your rival easier and protect you from the opponent’s attack. Of course, they have a limited period of use.

To have those items, you have to shoot at them and this isn’t an easy mission. When you are working hard to get those items, chances are your enemies took the opportunity to eliminate you. Watch out! Enjoy your spare time here and check out other amazing options such as NoobWars and Stick Duel: Battle Hero.

Who developer game? Arrow of Janissary was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

In Single mode: use the mouse.

In 2-player mode: player 1 uses W and player 2 uses up arrow keys.