Unicycle Mayhem

Welcome you to the latest 2player shooting gamesUnicycle Mayhem. You will be surprised by its gameplay because it differs from other shooting games that you have played before. Instead of moving around and shooting directly at your opponent, you will shoot at the platform that your opponent is standing on to destroy it, then this will make your opponent fall. More interestingly, you ride your unicycle while doing that. You have to keep balancing. It’s hard to ride a unicycle and it’s much harder to ride a unicycle and try to shoot down your opponent. You can’t aim.

It means you can’t aim to shoot at the point that you want to shoot at. The gun moves along with your movement when you ride your unicycle. Never stop shooting. Keep shooting whenever you can. To win a match, you have to score 5 points first. If you or your opponent get stuck or you can’t move back or move forward, the match will restart automatically.

Because it’s available at 2player games, it also offers a game mode that you can play against your friend on the same device besides 1-player mode. In Quick Match mode, you can choose your opponent who is the CPU or your friend. Each time, you or your opponent get 1 point, the background will change and you guys will have a new gun. You can lose because of 3 reasons. Firstly, you fall off the platform because you fail to keep balancing on your unicycle. Secondly, your opponent shoots at you and pushes you off the platform. Lastly, your platform is destroyed, then you fall. Good luck! Enjoy your gaming time here and in other fun games such as Super Metal Wars and Heads Mayhem.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

In Challenge mode: 

Use AD or left/right arrow keys to move and Space to shoot.

In Quick Match mode: 

Player 1 uses AD to move and G to shoot and Player 2 uses left/right arrow keys to move and L to shoot.