Gang Fall Party

Gang Fall Party is one of the best IO fighting multiplayer games that you can find and play for free at Here, you are bought into an arena and your main objective is to get first place. To make it, you have to defeat 15 enemies who are 15 online players by using your fists to knock them out of the arena.

16 players including you join a match and there is no limited time. The match ends when only one player survives and when you fall. You have to use your fists wisely to beat your opponent. However, just punching a target with your fists doesn’t make him die. To eliminate a target, you have to push him off the arena. That’s why you should choose the one who stands near the edges and at the same time, you should stay away from the edges to avoid being pushed.

Each time you take down one target, your punch becomes stronger. If you defeat several opponents in a row, you will get flaming fists that make you unbeatable. One of the best things about this 2player games is that it offers both 1 and 2-player modes. In the 2-player mode, you can enjoy a 1vs1 match or team up with your friend and compete against 15 players.

By winning, you earn coins and you can use coins to unlock new characters. It may be hard on the first or second try but when you joined several battles, you will have enough experience to avoid making any mistakes that make you fail in the previous match and grab your chance to win. Break a leg and enjoy other fun games such as Frog Fights With Buddies and Zombie

Who developer game? Gang Fall Party was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: uses WASD to move, C to run and V to punch.

Player 2: uses arrow keys to move, O to run, and P to punch.