Hex A Mong

Are you looking for a game that has a simple concept, addicting yet challenging gameplay, and easy controls? Then, Hex A Mong must be one of the options that you need to try. It’s available for free at free online 2 player games. You will meet the cute Among Us crew. Here, you will compete against other players for your life. You guys are brought into the top panels of 6 floors made of hexagonal tiles.

What you need to do is to run non-stop on the hexagonal tiles to avoid falling down the below floors. Each time you and other players step on the tiles, they will disappear after one or two seconds. If the tiles under your feet disappear and you can't move to another place, you fall. Your main target is to become the last survivor. And if you fall to the last floor and can’t stay there anymore, you will end up straight in the space and the game ends.

Here at 2playergames.games, there are 15 players with you included in a match. It’s hard to become the last who is going to die because there are not only you running around each floor but 15 players. The tiles of each floor will be gone soon. Interestingly, you have 2 game modes to explore here. One is 1-player mode and the other is the 2-player mode in which you can enjoy the game with one friend on the same computer in split screen mode.

One important rule that you have to keep in mind is that never stop. Stop running will send you to hell. Good luck and enjoy your gaming time here as well as other fun games such as Gang Fall Party.

Who developer game? Hex A Mong was developed by Hihoy.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Move: WASD keys Jump: Q.

Player 2: Move: ARROW keys Jump: Space.