Tug of War Zombie

Tug of War is a fun group play that can be played by more than 1 player of all ages. It not only requires strength but also agility and balance. It encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness. You compete against the opposing team by pulling a rope. It sounds simple, right? Do you know what? You can play this rope-pulling game on the computer with Tug of War Zombie. Here, the aim of the game becoming more serious. You control a team of 4 zombies against the opposing team of 4 zombies. Your ultimate goal is to survive. It’s a fight for your zombies’ lives.

In between the two teams is round-shaped saw blades that keep spinning. You have to pull the rope backward as hard as possible to make 4 zombies of the opposing team go into those saws and they will be cut into pieces. You will when the whole opposing team is killed. Keep in mind that you don’t have time to rest, even for 1 second. You should keep pulling backward until all members of the opposing team are killed. If you stop for only one second, you can lose.

This 2playergame unblocked offers 1-player mode in which you compete against AI and 2-player mode in which you can battle against your friend. Each of you controls a team and tries your best to help your team win. There is only 1 round. So, the winner will be found out very soon. Is that you or your opponent? It’s up to you. This game won’t let you down, and so does other games at 2 player action games such as Tug The Table Classic and Tug The Table.

Instructions to play:

Player 1 uses W and Player 2 uses the up arrow key.

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Who developer game?

RHM Interactive developed this game.