What A Leg

Your runner joins a race but she has no leg. It’s so weird. No, it isn’t. It’s your job to give her legs in What A Leg – the latest running and arcade games that you can play alone or with your friend on the same device at 2 player games. Your goal is to reach the finish line first and your mission is to draw legs for your runner. As mentioned previously, you can play alone and compete against other racers around the world or race against your friend with a 2-player mode. You can draw whatever you want as your racer’s legs as soon as those legs can help your character win every single race.

There is no limitation in terms of your creativity and time isn’t limited as well. The only thing that can make you fail is limited ink. The game allows you to draw several legs at each level. yes, your racer doesn’t have to stick to only one type of leg. You can draw several times to help your character go through all obstacles, collect as many coins as you can, and win the race. You can draw short legs or long legs depending on the situation in which you may involve.

There is something in the 2-player mode that is even more interesting than the Single Mode. Do you want to explore? Well, instead of drawing 2 legs at a time, you can draw 4 pairs of legs in advance. With that set of legs, you can change them according to the obstacles on the way. Sound interesting, doesn’t it? That’s why you should give it a try now before checking out other 2player io games such as Push My Chair and Dash Party.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

In Single mode, mouse to draw.

In 2-player mode, WASD and arrow key.