LegoCraft is a free 2 player game, if you are a Lego fan and love handmade games, then it is clear that you should try this game. Enter a huge block world and move freely through ground and water collecting different kinds of elements, like dirt, sand or rock. 

Use those elements to create new structures wherever and however you want. Rearrange the whole map building towers, stairs, houses, or more artistic things like huge sculptures. Waiting for nothing but join LegoCraft now to enjoy the best in this game.

Complete the game perfectly and express yourself with the gaming tips you've learned from previous games. Will any player win if you play this game with your friends? We suggest players with games of the same theme that you can hardly miss during your free time such as Klondike Farm and Minecraft Builder at action games category. 

Instruction to play:

WASD = move, Mouse = view, Left click = collect, Right click = place item, 1-9 = select item