Zombie Mission 3

The war against zombies is not over yet. More and more new types of zombies appear. They are stronger and harder to handle. They keep kidnapping humans and stealing important data disks to carry out their plan to occupy the Earth. Zombie hunters, are you there? Doing your job now before it’s too late. Zombie Mission 3 is the latest zombie shooter and platformer game that you can play at two player games online along with the first and the second sequel. Team up with your friend to rescue hostages and kill zombies or do it by yourself.

There is something unique in this third game. It still offers 16 challenging levels but along with 2 special levels in which you will deal with big bosses. Besides, new zombies are created. They hold bombs and they explode right after you shoot them. Then, make sure you shoot them from afar to avoid getting damaged. All you need to do in each level is to save humans and collect the required number of floppy disks.

Even though you can recover your health, you should watch out for enemies, spikes, and other deadly obstacles. You guys don’t want to lose your life too soon, do you? You can pick up a lot of weapons including the new ice weapons which did not appear in the previous 2 games. Feel free to switch weapons when you think it’s necessary. Keep in mind that teamwork is the key to victory. Enjoy your gaming time here and don’t forget that a wide range of 2 player shooting games are available for you to dig in. Some of the best options are Zombie Mission and Zombie Mission 2.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

The boy uses arrow keys to move, L to hit/shoot, K for grenade and U to switch weapons.

The girl uses WASD to move, F to hit/shoot, and Q to switch weapons.