Zombie Mission 4

Zombie Mission 4 is the latest sequel of the popular Zombie Mission series. Have you tried the first 3 sequels of this series? If you haven’t played those games, you can check them out at 2playergame unblocked. Of course, you don’t have to play the previous options to enjoy this one. They aren’t related. However, your mission and objective in 4 sequels are the same. Your mission is to collect all floppy disks and save all humans at each level. All features of this game are upgraded. Everything is more challenging. You will deal with new zombies whom you find harder to shoot down. Besides, zombies have prepared so many traps to protect them and stop you. There are 16 levels with a time-limited level and a special level in which you face the boss.

You will start from level 1 and you can only advance if the current one is complete. And a level is complete when you meet all requirements and two characters reach the exit. The boy character can throw the grenade and both characters can pick up weapons and switch weapons in the battle. Watch your moves. You don’t want to hit enemies or obstacles for sure because if you do, you will lose HP, even though you can recover HP by picking up blood. If one of the two characters dies, the other one also loses his or her life. And that means you have to restart that level. Have fun here and besides this 2player shooting games, a lot of amazing games await you here such as Zombie Mission 2 and Zombie Mission 3.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

The boy uses arrow keys to move, L to hit/shoot, K for the grenade, up arrow key while sliding on the wall to make a wall jump and U to switch weapons.

The girl uses WASD to move, W while sliding on the wall to make a wall jump, F to hit/shoot, and Q to switch weapons.