Castel Wars New Era

Castel Wars is one of the best combat series that you can find at best 2 player game and Castel Wars New Era is the latest episode that has more modern weapons, new maps, and new game modes. With this new episode, you have 3 game modes in total including Battle, Zombie, and Mayhem. The gameplay of the three modes is the same but how you reach your goal is different.

The Battle mode and Mayhem mode are for two players. Each player controls a character. In Battle mode, each time you kill your opponent, you get 1 point and within 170 seconds, try your best to get as many kills as you can to win the battle. In Mayhem mode, each character has 50 HP. Each time you get shot, you lose 1 HP. Also within 170 seconds, the winner is the last man standing. In Zombie mode, you can play along or with your friend. Your main objective here is to stop zombies from destroying your castle. To make it, you have to kill zombies right after they appear.

Here at 2 player shooting games, when a match begins, you are fully equipped to fight against your opponent. Depending on the weapon you have, you can attack him from afar or approach him and attack. During the battle, you can collect a lot of weapons and HP dropped by the airplane. You can even create blocks and build something that helps you protect yourself. Don’t miss any chances to take them. Break a leg and enjoy your gaming time with your friends. Check out other fun games such as Metal Army War Revenge and Duel Of Wizards.

Who developer game?

Castel Wars New Era was developed by RHM Interactive. 

Instruction to play:

Blue player: uses WASD to move, S to create blocks, E to attack and Q to change weapons.

Red player: uses arrow keys to move, the down arrow to create blocks, Space to attack and M to change weapons.

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