impostor Punch

Where is the paradise of 2 player games? Well, we don’t know where is the best one but two player games unblocked must be on the list. Here, you can enjoy tons of hand-picked games with your friend on the same device and Impostor Punch is one of them. Your reflection and hand-eye coordination will be tested. As its name, your main objective is to punch the impostor without hurting the crewmate. You and your opponent will stand at the sides of a pipe and the impostor and crewmate will randomly show up from that pipe. You guys won’t know who will come up next. That’s why you should stay focused to avoid missing any target.

Each time you punch the impostor first, you get 1 point. If you punch the crewmate by accident, you lose 20 points. However, you have many chances to turn the tile of the battle as some special impostor will appear whom you can punch several times to get extra points. Within 90 seconds, try your best to get higher points than your opponent and when time runs out, the player who has more points is the winner. If you punch the impostor before your opponent, you won’t get 1 point. So, try to take action fastly and accurately. Also, you can get extra points when you punch the impostor several times. After a few crewmates show up, the impostor will appear.

Be careful not to hit the wrong target. As you know, punch an impostor and you'll pay 20 points. Try to make as few mistakes as possible. Your gaming time at 2 player action games will be more exciting and enjoyable if you play with your friend. Check it out now and don’t forget that many fun games are waiting for you here. For example Craft Punch 2 and Get On Top Touch.

Who developer game? impostor Punch was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

Right arrow key to hit the Blue Fist & Left arrow key to hit the red fist (Mobile Touch).