Blumgi Slime

Simple yet addicting and challenging, that’s all you can think about Blumgi Slime. This fun arcade game will put your timing and aiming skills to the test. A bouncy slime wants to jump to the finish platform and of course, it can’t do it by itself. You are here to help it. Time your action to make the slime jump to the destination. The way to send the slime to the destination is like the way you use a slingshot.

You just need to hold the left mouse to adjust the force of the jump. The longer you hold the left mouse, the higher and further the slime jump. That’s why you should observe the position of the slime and the destination, then use your eyes to estimate the distance from the slime to the finish platform to adjust the strength of the jump. Sometimes, you should make small jumps first to pull two points close together.

Some of the first levels are easy because there is nothing stand between the slime and the finish line. Later on, the slime has to pass a lot of obstacles before it can jump to where it wants. Each level introduces new platforms with different features. You will deal with slippery platforms, bouncy platforms and so on.

Just like other games for 2 players at Action Games, you can play this game alone or with your friend. In 2-player game mode, you will compete against your friend to find out who can help the slime jump to the finish platform first. What more are you waiting for? Get ready to conquer 150 levels here before you challenge yourself with other two player games such as Rescue Rangers and Duo Apple Monsters.

Who developer game?

436PLAY developed this game.

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Instruction to play:

In 1-player mode, use your left mouse. In 2-player mode, use A and M keys.