Pro Billiards

Do you love playing billiards? Here at 2 Player Online Games, you can find a lot of options, right? Now, let’s welcome a new addition called Pro Billiards. Its gameplay is similar to pool 8 ball. There are 2 awesome game modes for you to enjoy including Player vs Timer and Player vs Player. Are you curious about the differences? In the Player vs Timer game mode, your opponent is a clock. You have only 30 minutes to score all the balls in the pockets. Do not score a cue ball and remember that ball number 8 is the last one to score. You win when you drive all the balls that appear on the table to the pocket before time runs out and if there are any balls left on the table while time is over, you have to restart that game mode.

So, what about the Player vs Player mode in this 2player sports games? It’s a challenging mode for 2 players. It means you can compete against one friend on the same device. Here. Each player scores only his own balls. Player 1 owns the balls without strips and player 2 owns the ball with strips. Do not score the cue ball in the pocket. If you score the ball that belongs to the opponent into the pocket, you help him become the winner faster. Rotate the cue stick clockwise or counterclockwise and change the cue direction to aim and pocket the ball accurately.

Don’t forget to adjust the power of the shot. It’s also important. In this game mode, ball number 8 is the last one to score as well. Have a great time here and in other games such as 8 Ball Pool : 2 Player and 3D Billiard Piramid.

Who developer game? Pro Billiards was developed by magnificstudios.

Instruction to play:

PC controls: Mouse.

Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices!