Super Heads Carnival

If you are looking for a game that includes several mini-games with different gameplay, then Super Heads Carnival is for you. It’s now available for free at 2 player games online free. It offers 2 game modes including Story mode and Vs. mode. You can choose to play one of those mini-games or click on the Random button and the game will pick a mini-game for you. Your main objective in each mini-game is to earn more points than your opponent.

You will compete against your opponent in a battle of serving food, collecting chickens, shooting a disc to the goal in a soccer match, surviving as long as possible, and more. Within a given time, try your best to gain more scores than him to win. The gameplay of each mini-game is simple but it’s not easy to reach your goal. The game won’t make you bored because you will try several mini-games in only one game. Besides, you not only compete against the CPU but your friend on the same device. That will be intense battles.

Let’s go into detail about each mini-game of this cool In the Serving Food mission, you have to serve each customer the food that they order. In Collecting Chickens, you need to pick up as many chickens as possible. In a Soccer game, you have to score as many goals as you can while protecting your goal from your opponent. With Survival mission, you will be put in a conveyor. You have to move to the left and right to avoid being crushed by boxes and move ahead to avoid being eaten by a monster behind.

All missions sound fun, right? Then, don’t hesitate anymore. Start discovering each mini-game right now and don’t forget to check out other options such as Get On Top Touch and Craft Punch 2.

Who developer game? Super Heads Carnival was developed by Mad Buffer.

Instruction to play:

Controls: WASD and arrow keys.