Rescue Rangers

Rescue Rangers is a great combination of a platformer and puzzle game that will keep you hooked for a long time. Here, you will be brought to a desert filled with deadly obstacles where two rangers are trapped. They are trying to escape from there but it seems that they can’t make it by themselves. They need your help. Your main objective in this 2player online platformer game is to lead them to the door and escape safely. To open the door, they have to collect all the gems that have similar colors to them.

This game can be playable by 1 player or 2 players. In 1-player game mode, you can swap between them. It means you can lead them one by one to the desired destination while in 2-player game mode, you and your friend can control your own character at the same time and on the same device. You can a bar with 3 stars on the top of the screen. It plays as a timer. Time will fly. You should finish the level as fast as you can to get at least 1 star or all 3 stars even though stars won’t be used for any purpose here. Enjoy it and other cool games at Action Games category. Such as Blue and Red Ball Game and Stickman Huggy Escape.

So, keep in mind some simple rules: collect gems, stand on the pads to move the yellow blocks, avoid spikes, pull levers to move big blocks, batteries power lifts, and unlock doors to exit. When you fail in any level, you can choose 1 special booster from several options such as Clock will freeze time for 60 seconds, Shield will protect rangers from floor spikes and arrows, Star will give you 3 stars if you complete the level in time.

Which game is similar to this adventure game?

Hug and Kis Station Escape

Steve and Alex House Escape

Red and Blue Stickman Huggy 2

Who developer game?

MaruBeto developed this game.

Instruction to play:

In 1-player mode, arrow keys to move, and Space to swap characters.

In 2-player mode, Red Ranger uses WASD to move and Blue Ranger uses arrow keys to move.