Plane Racing Madness

Wellcome to the Plane Racing Madness is a simulation racing game available on 2 Player Game for free online. Have you ever fantasized of piloting a highly customized jet that is nothing more than a death machine? You can now fly and race your jet in 3D settings in the survival combat plane racing game. Play modified WWII planes in a hard racing scenario with intriguing stages, power ups, and genuine 3D physical landscapes. The best warplane simulator available!

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Key Features:

- Complete race system

- Booster cool down system

- Enemy AI

- Dogfight system with 5 weapons (machine gun, missiles, mines, shield and repair)

- Alternative routes/Shortcuts

- Solo and 2 player human versus modes

- 3 Unique Game play modes (Championship, Arcade and Time Trial)

- 3 difficulty levels

- Local Leader board -Unlock system: items or tracks unlock as the player progresses

- Cool Countdowns And mostly importantly fun for you!

Who developer game?

Plane Racing Madness was developed by TastyCherryGames.

Instruction to play:

- Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) Keys for player 1 - Turn: Left | Right | Up | Down - Booster: X - Break: C - Power-up: Space - Camera: N - Pause: P or Escape.

Player 2 movement Keys - WASD keys (W, A, S, D) Keys for player 2 You can set your own keys also.