Steve vs Alex Rocketman

Have a great game in 2playergame unblocked! How long has it been since you saw Steve and Alex for the last time? Do you remember their fights? Interestingly, Steve and Alex are back in another fun game. Its name is Steve vs Alex Rocketman. Steve and Alex won’t compete against each other this time. Instead, they will team up and embark on a flying adventure with their rockets. Wearing rockets on their back, they will fly through all obstacles to the finish line with your help. Without you, they can’t succeed.

This game has simple gameplay but it’s insanely hard to master. It means it’s not easy to clear a level on the first try. You may have to restart a level several times before you can clear it. With one-key controls, you have to time your action to make them fly through every single obstacle such as TNT, pits, spikes, and so on. If one of them hits those obstacles or falls down, you fail and as a result, that level must be restarted. You use the Up arrow key and the W key to control Steve and Alex. It will be much easier if you play the game with your friend.

Controlling two characters at once is almost impossible. You press the key to make your characters fly up and release your hand to make them descend. There are 12 levels in total and you start with level 1. The next level will be unlocked if the current one is finished. Don’t forget to collect as many gold bars as possible. Have a great flying adventure and don’t forget to enjoy other 2 player adventure games such as Steve vs Alex Jailbreak and Stickman Huggy Escape.

Who developer game? FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

W and up arrow keys.