Super Hot

Super Hot is a shooting game from a very interesting first-person perspective 2player online 2019. The SuperHot team really have created a superb game that gives the users hours of intense first person shooter action. Time moves only when you do, or when you attack. You control an elite assassin and move around different levels trying to eliminate all of the bad guys. 

There are no regenerating health bars - if you get hit once then you must restart the level. Moreover, you master the art of grabbing weapons to help your cause. You also pass fallen enemies to shoot slice and maneuver through a hurricane of slow motion bullets - this is intense FPS action at its finest.

Remember this is an fps in which time moves only when you move - take advantage of this important gameplay mechanic. With unique stylized graphics superhot finally appears on your web browser so make the most of this awesome title.

If you wonder which games to play in your spare time, you should check out this one. Simple but not boring, you may have to put some effort to beat each level. Master each move and play wisely to get the best result. Train your brain and have more fun by solving other shooting in Pixel Combat Multiplayer and Creepy Granny Scary Freddy. Have a great time! 


Instruction to play:

WASD = Movement, Mouse = Aim & ShootWASD = Movement, Mouse = Aim & Shoot