Tank Bros Adventure

Tank Bros Adventure is the latest platformer game that you can enjoy along with other fun games for free at hot 2 player game. Normally, when it comes to a game of tank, you may think of epic battles between you and your enemies, right? However, you will try something different here. You lead your tank to move and jump through a series of obstacles and shoot down your enemy tanks to finish each level. You have to blow up a specific number of tanks at each level. You have only one life; therefore, if you crash into any obstacles or enemy tanks, you lose your life and you have to restart that level. To clear each mission, you have to defeat every single tank. As soon as, all enemy tanks are destroyed, that level is complete.

You don’t have to lead your tank to any destinations like other adventure games at 2playergames.games. You don’t need to go around to find a target because you already know where they are. The key is to approach them and shoot them down as quickly as you can. Here, you can fight against enemies alone in 1-player mode, or team up with one of your friends and fight together on the same device in a 2-player mode. The game includes 24 levels and the difficulty increases lightly from level 1 to level 24.

That’s why you have to be ready all the time to blast all enemies without having to restart any levels too many times. Good luck and don’t forget to explore our game collection. Here are some of the best options you should try Tank Wars 2 and War Of Tanks Paper Note.

Who developer game? Tank Bros Adventure was developed by To43.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Uses WASD to move and R to fire.

Player 2: Uses the arrow keys to move and the Num1 key to fire.