Castel Wars Middle Ages

Castel Wars Middle Ages is the new episode of the popular series Castel Wars that you can play at 2 player games for free. What is waiting for you here? Its gameplay is similar to the other episodes with something more exciting and challenging. With new weapons and equipment, this promises to give you an unforgettable gaming experience. You can fight against zombies alone or with your friend or deal with both zombies and your friend at the same time.

As in the previous episode, you have 2 different game modes to explore with newly designed themes. You can use cannons, fire arrows, swords, and other weapons to kill your enemies and protect your castle. Try to aim and shoot accurately to kill your enemies and destroy enemies’ castles. Don’t forget to pick up the items that the airplane drops. You can pick up new weapons and recover your health points.

Here at, you not only shoot and defeat your enemies but also build to defend. You can place blocks, and build something to defend yourself and your castle. When you get killed, you immediately respawn and you can keep enjoying the battle. You can throw the weapon and use the new one. As mentioned previously, the game can be played alone against AI or by 2 players on the same computer. Whoever are your enemies, try your best to defeat them. It’s ok if you fail. You can try again and take victory back.

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Who developer game? Castel Wars Middle Ages was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Blue player: Uses WASD to move, S to create blocks, E to hit, and Q to change weapons.

Red player: Uses arrow keys to move, the down arrow to create blocks, Space to hit, and M to change weapon.