Blue and Red İmpostor

There was an unexpected accident and the spaceship of impostors was fallen into the sea. Water overflowed into the spaceship. The blue impostor and the red one are in danger right now. Can you help them escape safely from danger in Blue and Red İmpostor at two player games? The water is rising. If our lovely characters are too slow, they will be drowned by water. When two impostors reach the exit, that level is done. It seems that there is no limited time but there is. Rising water is limited time. You have to lead both characters to the exit before water touches them.

This is another game for 2 players. However, like most of the games for two players that you have played at, you can play it alone without anyone else. You have enough time to lead both of them to their destination. Once one of them is drowned by water, you have to start their journey at that level again. Same as many level-based games that you have played at two player games or anywhere else, the difficulty in this game also increases significantly as you level up. It is shown that the characters will face more obstacles and the water will rise faster. This game offers 15 levels in total.

Let’s see how much time it takes for you to finish them all. It can be a big challenge for you but if you have played several games like this one, it means you have experience and nothing can stop you from reaching the goal, right? Have a safe journey and make sure you check out other fun games on our site. Our suggestions for you are MinerCraft Party - 4 Player.

Who developer game? Blue and Red İmpostor was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

WASD + Arrow keys - Mobile Touch Control.